Leveraging Global Talent: Immigration 101

Friday, April 15 2011 12:00pm - 1:00pm Local Time Presented by:

Do immigration procedures make you put your head through a wall? Explore strategies for handling problematic immigration issues for HR professionals.

Obtaining work visas for international employees can be a frustrating process for HR professionals. Immigration laws and policies seem to be ever changing and denied cases can severely impact companies and force workers to uproot families and leave the United States and their careers behind.

Please join Jon Velie of Velie Law Firm’s OnLineVisas.com to learn strategies that address some of the complex problems you may face while petitioning for a number of the most popular business visas. Utilizing amusing fact patterns designed to teach you how to approach Immigration issues and leave you with winning strategies the HR professional can implement.

In this webinar you will learn about:

•H-1b Visas: Prevailing wage issues and options and drafting employment letters that Immigration respects. Options to H-1b if the category is capped and exceptions to the cap.
•L-1 Visas: Structure options for establishing US offices or merging with foreign companies that will permit transfer of employees to US. Types of positions that can be transferred to US. What circumstances permit continued use of L-1 if foreign office closes. Green card options through EB-1-3.
•E-2 Visa: Establishing a US company and moving international employees under the Treaty Investor visa and distinctions from L-1.
•O-1 Visas: Establishing extraordinary ability through primary, secondary and tertiary evidence. Understanding the higher standard and strategies for obtaining the elusive EB-1-1 Greencard.
•EB-3 PERM Greencards: Navigating the high-wire of the labor certification process and understanding priority dates.
•EB-2 Greencards: Quicker than PERM, but who can get one.
Who Should Attend:
Human Resources Professionals, Directors, Managers, Generalists and Specialists as well as those who want to broaden their knowledge and skills.

February 03, 2011
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Friday, April 15 2011 12:00pm - 1:00pm Local Time
Location: Online
Philadelphia, PA 19083
Contact: 484-461-1067

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